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2017 MAER Conference

Achieving a Shared Vision

Date: April 27 and 28, 2017

Location: 17100 Laurel Park Drive North · Livonia, Michigan 48152

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Presentation Documents Listed in Order of Conference Schedule

Speaker Handouts #1

-Making GPS Fun

-Braille Blaster

-Guide Dog Preparedness

-IGDF Standards for a Guide Dog

Speaker Handouts #2

-Strategic Plan

-Don't Judge A Book

-Get Your Life Together With Google

-Advocate and Communicate

-Traumatic Brain Injury

Speaker Handouts #3

-DP Cohort 1-4

-DP Succeed

-DP Outcome Data

-DP Junior Curriculum

-DP Senior Curriculum

-DP Sophomore Curriculum

Speaker Handouts #4

-Assessing Leisure Skills

-MI Nature Centers

-Tactile Graphics

-Who Needs A Intervener?

Speaker Handouts #5

-Quick Reference Guide

-Secondary Transition

-Compliance Checklist

-State Performance Plan

Speaker Handouts #6

-19 ways to Step Back

-19 ways to Step Back 2

-Matthew Williams Enterprises

-Braille Large Print

-EBEA Cheat Sheet

-MBT Prices

-Folding Money

-Nemeth Page 1

-Nemeth Page 2

Speaker Handouts #7

-Nemeth Page 3

-Nemeth Page 4

-TC/VI 101

-TCVI 101 UEB Cheat Sheet 1

-TCVI 101 UEB Duxbury Cheat Sheet

-Student VI Supplies

-Visual Acuity Chart

-YLV Form

Transition Handouts

-Transition, BSBP Pre-Ets

-Transition, BSBP Pre-Ets Instructions for Educators

-Transition, Pre-Ets Overview and Examples

Speaker Handouts #8

-7 Phases of Adjustment to Vision Loss


-Preparing Students to Work MAER 17

-Rural Services Classroom Interventions

-Rural Services ECC

Speaker Handouts #9

-Rural Services Educational Resource

-Rural Services Educational Resource Guide to Vision Services

-Indicators for Potential Vision Problems

-Rural Services Vision Referral Process

-Rural Services

Speaker Handouts #10

-Disorders of Vision

-Braille Reading Lessons

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